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Our Safety precaution Surface preparation Our Sand Blasting Procedures Our Surface preparation standerds Our Painting Procedures
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Nature of businessSandblasting and Spray painting
LocationAl Quoz industrial area
No of years in operationSince 1992
Trade license No232177
Chamber of commerce Reg No28392
Name of ownersMr.Ahmed Sultan Khaleefa Khalfan Burasheed Al Suwaidi
Mr.Nasser Bin Hussain Ali
Name of Managing DirectorMr.Nasser Bin Hussain Ali

We are Ahmed Sultan Al Suwaidi Paints Est a reputed sandblasting and painting company located in dubai Since 1992 We can undertake jobs at our yard and at your site
We are well experienced to provide the following services to your satisfaction

We undertake any kind of painting job

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Our Safety precaution

  1. Painting must be carried out in well ventilated areas . if ventilation is poor , or there is still air , forced ventilation on proper respiration masks should be restored to
    inhalation of solvent vapour must be avoided .
  2. Blasters wears blasting helmet well ventilated and air conditioned.
  3. All laborer wears safety shoes, gloves, coverall, masks and helmet during working times.
  4. If paints comes in contact with eyes , splash clean , cold water to remove from eyes , if irritation persists , seek suitable medical advise .
  5. Oil - based paint from skin should be removed by a skin cleaner (not by solvent) followed by soap & water . for water - based paint use soap & water .
  6. If paints swallowed seek medical attention immediately .
  7. Paints (specially lead - based) should be stored away from children , food , drink & animal feed
  8. Keep paints away from fire & sparks . Avoid smoking if paints is inflamable.
  9. Do not attempt left over paint into drain , waste should be disposed by landfill .
  10. for epoxy based paint care must be taken to avoid eye , skin - contact , use gloves & googles to prevent irritation resultant from contact .

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Surface preparation

The life and performance of any paint system deponds directly on the serface preparation . therfore , it is of vital importance to fully comprehend this aspect of painting


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Our Sand Blasting Procedures

Sandblasting is carried out using manual blasting method using high air pressure of 800 cfm electrical air compressor
Sandblasting pots to mix abrasive with the compressed air
Abrasive blasting media is garnet
Surface Profile(Instrument) Testex Tape
Safety of Sandblasters
Sandblasters are equipped with positive pressure blast helmet with replaceable outer lens for view
Helmet cape
Air feed hose with protective filter
Safety shoes
A strong pair of blasting gloves

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Our Surface preparation standerds

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Our Painting Procedures

Selection of paint is very important factor in painting , Different paints for differnet requirments are available in the market .
Before selecting the paints we should be very clear about the facts

Application is the most important factor in painting
Following points should be very clear about the facts.

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Our Regular Clients

Our Regular Clients sorted by name

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Relative Humidity / Dew Point Calculator
Enter Dry Bulb Temperature:  
Enter Wet Bulb Temperature:  
Select unit: F   C
Relative Humidity =   %
Dew Point =  

. dry bulb temperature Means air temperature. Dry bulb temperatures are measured along with "wet bulb" temperatures and can be used to determine humidity and dewpoint.
  wet bulb temperature A thermometer bulb covered by a cotton wick and moistened. Air is blown across the moist wick and the bulb is cooled by evaporation. The lowest temperature reached with the wet bulb is the wet bulb temperature.
  relative humidity a percentage of moisture in the air compared to what it can hold at that temperature.
  dew point the temperature to which air must be cooled for saturation to occur; the temperature at which dew or frost will form.

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Plates Area Calculation Table

Section Thickness Surface Area/Tonne
1 mm 255 (m2/tonne)
2 mm 127 (m2/tonne)
3 mm 85 (m2/tonne)
4 mm 64 (m2/tonne)
5 mm 51 (m2/tonne)
6 mm 42 (m2/tonne)
8 mm 32 (m2/tonne)
10 mm 25 (m2/tonne)
12 mm 21 (m2/tonne)
15 mm 17 (m2/tonne)
20 mm 13 (m2/tonne)

Parallel Flange Channel (PFC) Weight Calculation Table

Size mm (normal) Weight Kg/m
50X25 4.00
51X38 5.80
76X38 6.70
76X51 9.34
100X50 10.00
125X65 15.00
150X75 18.00
150X90 24.00
180X75 20.00
180X90 26.00
200X75 23.00
200X90 30.00
230X75 26.00
230X90 32.00
260X75 28.00
260X90 35.00
300X90 41.00
300X100 46.00

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